Urban Sound Symposium

April 19-21, 2021

Invited speakers

Below you can find a short resume of all invited speakers at the conference, in alphabetical order.

Juan Pablo Bello

New York University, USA

Dr. Juan Pablo Bello is Professor of Music Technology and Computer Science & Engineering at New York University. Juan’s expertise is in digital signal processing, machine listening and music information retrieval, topics that he teaches and in which he has published more than 120 papers and articles in books, journals and conference proceedings. He is the director of the Music and Audio Research Lab (MARL) and of the Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), where he leads research on acoustic sensing and machine listening. His work has been supported by public and private institutions in Venezuela, the UK, and the US, including Frontier and CAREER awards from the National Science Foundation and a Fulbright scholar grant for multidisciplinary studies in France.

Dick Botteldooren

Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Dick Botteldooren is a full professor at Ghent University where he leads research on Acoustics and teaches a variety of courses related to sound and computational methods. He obtained an MSc degree in Electronic Engineering in 1986 from Ghent University and a PhD in Applied Science in 1990 from Ghent University. Between 2004 and 2013 he was the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Acustica united with Acustica, the journal of the European Acoustics Association. Until 2018 he was the president of the Belgian Acoustical Society; currently he is I-INCE vice-president for Europe and Africa. He is a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. He has made research contributions in the field of acoustic modeling, noise mapping, environmental sensor networks, computational intelligence, modeling perception of environmental sound, health impacts of sound, biomonitoring, urban sound planning, soundscapes, and noise policy support.

Arnaud Can

Gustave Eiffel University, France

Dr. Arnaud Can is a researcher in environmental acoustics at the Gustave Eiffel University, in the Joint Research Unit in Environmental Acoustics (UMRAE). His research interests deal with the characterization of urban noise environments and the evaluation of the links between mobility and urban sound environments, relying on road traffic models at different spatial scales. He is currently the scientific coordinator of the CENSE project funded by ANR, and the animator of the axe “Urban Sound Environments” at the Research Federation IRSTV (CNRS FR2488). As author or co-author, he has contributed to 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

André Fiebig

Technical University Berlin, Germany

Dr. André Fiebig studied communication science, acoustics and sociology and earned his PhD in the scope of psychoacoustics at the Technical University of Berlin. After several years working for HEAD acoustics GmbH where he lead a working group concerned with developing test procedures for the investigation of sound perception and assessment, he went back to the Technical University of Berlin. Since January 2019 he teaches psychoacoustics and noise effects in the Institute of Fluid Dynamics and Technical Acoustics at the TU Berlin. He currently chairs the technical committee on noise at the German Acoustical Society DEGA and at the European Acoustics Association EAA as the vice chair

Kurt Heutschi

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Kurt Heutschi is a Lecturer in Acoustics at ETH Zurich and a Senior Scientist at EMPA with a background in Electrical Engineering and 30 years of experience in Acoustics. Recent and actual research topics are computation of outdoor sound propagation, wave theoretical numerical simulations and auralisation of environmental sound.

Maarten Hornikx

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Dr. Maarten Hornikx holds an MSc from TU/e (2004) and a PhD in Applied Acoustics from Chalmers University of Technology (2009). He was appointed as Assistant Professor at TU/e in 2012 and Associate Professor in 2017. During his studies, Maarten collaborated with TNO (2002) and the University of Mississippi (2007). From 2009 to 2011, he worked as a post-doc at KU Leuven in Belgium in the field of aeroacoustics. He was appointed as a senior researcher at Chalmers (2011-2013), focusing on modeling urban sound propagation in the EU funded projects Hosanna and QSIDE. Hornikx has spent a sabbatical period at Aalto University and Stockholm University (2018). Hornikx’ research interests are: Development of efficient numerical methodologies for sound propagation with the built environment as application; Application of numerical models to investigate propagation effects as the role of vegetation and influence of meteorological effects on sound propagation outdoors; Auralization from wave-based methods and hybrid wave-based/geometrical acoustics techniques; Auralization for human echolocation. He has published 42 peer reviewed journal papers, is associate editor of Acta Acustica united with Acoustics, and editorial board member of Building and Environment. He has been awarded two individual Marie-Curie fellowships: an ITN post-doc grant (2009) and a Career Integration Grant (2012). He currently coordinates the H2020 ITN project Acoutect (2017-2020).

Jin Yong Jeon

Hanyang University, South Korea

Dr. Jin Yong Jeon received his master’s degree and PhD in building science and architectural acoustics, respectively, from the University of Sydney. He is a professor in the Division of Architectural Engineering at Hanyang University, having joined the faculty in 1998. His major research interests include room acoustics, VR-related audio and acoustics, psychoacoustics, soundscape, and sound quality. Professor Jeon has conducted many research projects on soundscape and published numerous articles. Notably, in 2010, he joined an EU-FP7 project as a non-EU participant and conducted a three-year study on improvement of urban acoustic environments using vegetation and artificial components under the HOSANNA consortium, including six European countries and twelve institutes. He also participates in international standardization activities, including ISO TC 43 SC 1 WG 54 (ISO 12913). Since 2013, he has been an associate editor for room acoustics for Acta Acustica united with Acustica: the Journal of the European Acoustics Association. In international recognition of his achievements in soundscape and architectural acoustics, he has been a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America since 2017.

Jian Kang

University College London, UK

Dr. Jian Kang is Professor of Acoustics at the Bartlett Faculty of Built Environment, University College London. He is Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering, chairs the European Acoustics Association Technical Committee for Noise, and is recipient of an ERC Advanced Grant Award, working internationally on developing Soundscape Indices.

Jordan Lacey

RMIT University, Australia

Dr. Jordan Lacey is a transdisciplinary creative practitioner and research fellow in the School of Design at RMIT University. He is author of Sonic Rupture: a practice-led approach to urban soundscape design (Bloomsbury 2016), and various articles, which explore the role of sound installations in transforming urban life.

Trond Maag

Trond Maag is an urbanist who works within project teams and scientific working groups, in particular performing multidisciplinary research, guiding case studies, organising panels and workshops, serving on juries for architectural projects and urban planning, and programing public walks and activities. His practice involves interdisciplinary work that overlaps with artistic practice and methodologies. Maag is also responsible for urban sound planning at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, establishing sound and noise-related guidelines and policies on national level. He has been awarded by the European Environ­mental Agency for his work that is focused on the urban sound realm and the quality of public spaces.

Julien Maillard

CSTB, France

Dr. Julien Maillard received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, on active noise and vibration control. He is now a senior researcher at CSTB. He has been involved with the development of auralisation techniques for indoor and outdoor environments. His research has led to several auralisation modules used in research as well as commercial software. He is project leader for the development of MithraSound, a commercial software for the prediction and auralisation of outdoor environments. He took part in several European and National research projects involving auralisation. He also carries out public and private consultancy in acoustics for the building and transportation industries. Recently, he co-directed a PhD in collaboration with SNCF on the auralisation of railway noise. This work led to new audio noise emission models for train rolling noise and equipment noise.

Antonella Radicchi

Technical University Berlin, Germany

Dr. Antonella Radicchi is a registered architect and holds a Ph.D. in Urban Design and Territorial Planning. She is Research Associate at TU Berlin Institute of Urban and Regional Planning, where she is the Principal Investigator of Hush City. Her research was awarded, inter alia, a HEAD-Genuit Foundation Grant, a Marie Curie Fellowship and a INU Award for the Best Italian Dissertation in Territorial Planning.

Timothy Van Renterghem

Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Timothy Van Renterghem obtained his MSc in Environmental Engineering (Bio-science engineering) at Ghent University, in 1999, and his Phd in numerical acoustics at the Research Group Acoustics, Dept. of Information Technology, in 2003. After that, he participated in a bilateral cooperation between TNO (The Netherlands) and UGent on the topic of Outdoor sound propagation. As a post-doctoral researcher, he took an active role as researcher and work package leader in various large European research projects including IMAGINE, HOSANNA, QSIDE, and SONORUS. In 2009, he was appointed as a part-time professor (assistant Professor) in the subject area “Environmental sound”; this appointment was extended in 2015 as associate Professor. He teaches courses on “noise pollution”, “sound and vibration”, “control of environmental noise” and “instrumentation for auditive research”. In 2014, he was a visiting Professor at the lab of Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield University (UK). He is member of the Belgian Acoustical Society (ABAV), the European Acoustical Association (EAA) and the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). He is a recognized noise expert by the Flemish Government. He is Associate-Editor of Acta Acustica united with Acustica for the theme “Atmospheric Acoustics”. He is (co-)author of about 65 A1-papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 100+ papers in conference proceedings and several chapters in books.

Irene van Kamp

RIVM, The Netherlands

Dr. Irene van Kamp was educated at the University of Groningen and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and has a background in sociology, psychology and epidemiology. She has a broad interest and experience in working in interdisciplinary teams and policy preparing research. Since 2000 she is working as a senior researcher and project manager at the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (Netherlands), with an assignment in the field of urban environmental quality and quality of life, and specific expertise in the field of environmental noise. She was co-author in the review on interventions in the frameworks of the WHO Environmental Noise Guidelines. Current projects include mapping the burden of disease from low frequency noise; advising the EU on the use of environmental health indicators in the Environmental Noise Directives; the perception of noise and vibration from rail traffic; and the health promoting role of positive aspects in the sound environment in their physical and social context. At RIVM she works closely together with acousticians, physicists and GIS experts.

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