Urban Sound Symposium 2019

April 3-5, 2019 in Ghent, Belgium

Contributed posters

Registered participants had the opportunity to present a poster at the conference. Posters were on display on Thursday 4 April, the whole day. Next to this, the content of each poster was presented in pitch style in front of the plenary audience. A list with all (accepted) poster contributions is shown below.

Guidelines for posters

  • For each poster, a board suitable for an A0 portrait (height 118.9 cm, width 84.1 cm) poster will be available, on which the number of the poster will be indicated. Posters can be placed on Thursday 4 April from 08:30, and should be removed by 18:30.
  • The layout and style of the poster is free.
  • The poster should at least include the title and authors matching the title and authors of the submitted abstract.
  • Near the poster area, space for laptop based presentations will be available, but you will need to bring all hardware needed if you wish to use this opportunity.

Guidelines for 2-minute pitch presentations

  • To save time between pitches, all slides will be combined into a single presentation by the conference organizers.
  • Authors should prepare 2 slides and send them to office@urban-sound-symposium.org before Monday 1 April 12:00. Slides that are not received before the deadline risk not being included in the final presentation (in which case the 2-minute pitch is cancelled).
  • The slides should be submitted in MS PowerPoint .pptx format, with a widescreen (16:9) slide size.

List of accepted posters

The order shown here was the order during the pitch presentations.

1Machine listening systems approximate human categorisation of sound: the Making Sense of Sounds data set and challenge
Christian Kroos1, Oliver Bones2, Yin Cao1, Lara Harris2, Philip J. B. Jackson1, William J. Davies2, Wenwu Wang1, Trevor J. Cox2, Mark D. Plumbley1 | 1University of Surrey, UK2University of Salford, UK
2Discarding anomalous noise events in real-time for road traffic noise mapping in the WASNs of the DYNAMAP LIFE project
Francesc Alías, Rosa Maria Alsina-Pagès, Joan Claudi Socoró, Ferran Orga | La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain
3Perceptive evaluation of non-traffic urban life noise: preliminary results
Alexandra Labairu-Trenchs, Rosa Maria Alsina-Pagès, Ferran Orga, Maria Foraster, Marc Freixes | La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain
4Pilot study in Antwerp to study the acoustical quality and durability of thin noise reducing asphalt layers in an urban environment
Anneleen Bergiers | Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC), Belgium
5Assessing the influence of pavement state on urban sound by opportunistic sound and vibration monitoring in cars
Wout Van Hauwermeiren1, Karlo Filipan2, Joachim David1, Bert De Coensel1,2, Luc Dekoninck1, Toon De Pessemeir1,3, Wout Joseph1,3, Luc Martens1,3, Dick Botteldooren1 | 1Ghent University, Belgium2ASAsense cvba, Belgium3imec, Belgium
6A decade of mobile noise measurements: around the world in (almost) 80 cases
Luc Dekoninck | Ghent University, Belgium
7Updating methodology for soundscape assessing in Menorca Island
Ignacio Pavón1, Guillermo de Arcas1, César Asensio1, Roberto San Millán-Castillo2, Enrique Suárez3, Luis Fernando Hermida Cadena4 | 1Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain2Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain3Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile4Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia
8Beyond sensing: actuation of sound quality for increased citizen engagement
Thomas Laureyssens, Greg Nijs, Giulietta Laki, Rafaella Houlstan, Guillaume Slizewicz | Urban Species, LUCA School of Arts & ULB, Belgium
9Acoustic comfort in presence of sounds from virtual inner yards
Armin Taghipour, Tessa Sievers, Kurt Eggenschwiler | Empa, Switzerland
10Crossing professional habits for global analysis of urban soundscapes
Jean-Dominique Polack, Théa Manola, Elise Geisler, Nathalie Gourlot, Silvere Tribout, Piotr Gaudibert, Antoine Perez Munoz | Sorbonne University, France
11Harlem in transition: the physical and auditory transformation of the black capital of the United States
Chathurthi De Silva | New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
12Urban soundscape adjectives
Francesc Daumal i Domènech, Sandra Del Rio Bonnin | Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
13Connecting design, emotions, and behaviours in urban soundscapes
Maria Luiza de Ulhôa Carvalho, James S. Woodcock, William J. Davies | University of Salford, UK
14Green design against noise
Petja Ivanova-Radovanova | Association for Integrated Development and Sustainability, Sofia, Bulgaria
15Soundscape strategies in a developing country
Daniel Solis Nicolaas | Veritas University, Costa Rica
16Tool for stimulating sound designs in project development
Rosan Nusselder, Judith Doorschot, Theodoor Höngens | M+P, The Netherlands

Supported by

Ghent University
HEAD Genuit Foundation